1. How to give your rating for Movies?
If you like the movie then please give you ratings for the movies as you can see in the below print screen...


2. How to post a comment?


3. The Number in the brackets (Highlighted in the below Picture) after every link in the Main Menu is the number of movies uploaded in that category.


4. How to search by GENRES ?

 If you want movies according to a genre for example "horror", you can type in "horror" in the search box, which you can find on the top of the screen and all the horror movies will be displayed. 

In the same way you can type in "year" to get all the movies of that particular year (or)

You can type in a genre and the Year for example : "horror 2003", you will get the movies of horror of 2003 year (or)

In the same way you can use any kind of combinations to get want you want.

IMP. NOTE : This Search is not the best...So you usually do not get all the movies list.....So if you want to check out all the movies Posted in this blog, you need to do the hard way....i.e. look page by page by clicking on Next Page


a. Horror : To get all Horror Movies

b. Family : To get all movies suitable to watch with family which includes all children movies.

c. Mystery : To get all suspense movies.

d. Thriller : Usually suspense and slasher movie flicks.

e. Action, Crime, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy. Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animation ETC....