The main motive of this blog is just pure entertainment. There is  difference between an entertaining movie and a good & boring movie. So all the movies are rated taking entertainment as the primary basis, i.e the movies displayed in this blog are the best entertaining movies. Mostly you will not get bored while watching these movies.

Note: Do not take the Ratings very seriously....don't compare that a particular movie is under rated or over rated than others. I want to make it very clear that the rating is given taking entertaining aspect as a primary basis & the movies are rated based on my personal opinion and few others....but this is a selected entertaining movies site...So all the movies posted here are entertaining movies.

Ex : Lord of the rings Vs Tomb Raider & Salt.

The movie lord of the rings is a good movie with good special effects but very lengthy and its quite boring sometimes and the movies tomb raider & salt are fast moving and very entertaining movies and you don't get bored while watching these both movies. Most of them might give a better rating to lord of the rings than tomb raider & salt. But taking entertaining aspect i rated tomb raider & salt more than lord of the rings.

1.  Rating of Movies.

5/5 - Excellent Entertainment

4/5 - Very Good Entertainment

3/5 - Good Entertainment

Note : The above 3 rated movies are a must see movies. So therefore watch all the movies even if you are not a fan of any of the genre's.

2.5/5 - Above Average Entertainment

Note : Even these are must see movies & You will like most of the movies in this segment. You may not like only few movies. You may see all the genres except for the genres you hate the most.

Note : If you are a movies fan then the movies rated 2.5/5 and above are must see movies.

2/5 - Average Entertainment

Note : The movies rated 2/5 provide an average entertainment, so you can watch the movies of your particular   genre in which you are interested in. Of course its not a compulsion to do so. You may also like other genre movies.

1/5 - One Time Watch

Note : If you have seen all of the above movies and there are no movies left to see, then you can watch the movies rated 1/5. These movies provide a very less entertainment, but the movie has something like excellent performances, different (or) good plot, good graphics, good action and something which will keep you going. Its better to stick to the genre's you are interested in. 

Imp note : 
1. 1/5 does not mean that the movie is worst. Here in this site we display only selected movies, so therefore every movie in this site is watchable and provides a good entertainment. We have rated the movies only to categorize the best and less entertaining movies.